New Heights Dance Theater, a resident dance company of Clemens Center, will perform its 14th production of The Nutcracker in Motion this year at Clemens Center on Saturday, December 21, 2013 with shows at 2:00pm and 7:00pm.

The Nutcracker in Motion has been billed as a fast-paced, jazzed up version of the classic holiday ballet Nutcracker.  New Heights Dance Theater's twist on this production will provide you with toe tapping music, elaborate costumes, and props. Talented dancers will bring with them dance variations that will include: jazz, modern, lyrical, acro, as well as traditional elements such as classic ballet and pointe.

New Heights includes dancers of all ages from the Twin Tiers. They bring with them a wide variety of dance training and experiences. Each dancer is chosen for our production through auditions open to dancers ages 6 years old and up.  If you would like to be a part of this wonderful experience, be sure to come to one of our auditions being held this coming Monday, July 22 and August 12, 2013.   

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JULY 22 & AUGUST 12, 2013
Elmira Heights, NY and Watkins Glen, NY
Don your dancing shoes and pirouette to auditions for 
New Heights Dance Theater's production of 
The Nutcracker in Motion.

DATE: Monday, July 22, 2013 (Ages 13 & up)
TIME: 5:00-7:00PM
PLACE: 251 East 14th Street, Elmira Heights

DATE: Monday, August 12, 2013 (Ages 6-12)
TIME: 5:00-7:00PM
PLACE: 317 North Franklin St., Watkins Glen

Dancers must come in dance wear: black leotard for girls, hair in bun, and black shorts, white t-shirts for boys. Please bring all necessary shoes: ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical and modern.

Note:  You are welcome to come to the other audition time if you have a conflict on the given day of auditions for your age group. 

Please contact New Heights Dance Theater to make arrangements for an alternate audition time and/or questions by calling: 607•737•9014 or email us at nhdtheater@gmail.com 

2013 "Nutcracker in Motion" photos
are now available for review and purchase!

All photos from dress rehearsal on Friday, December 20 and from Clara's Court taken on Saturday, December 21, are now available for review and purchase.  

Check out our new photos! 
Saturday, December 7th, was a time of busy schedules for many of our dancers as they performed at Wellsboro, PA's Dickens of a Christmas and Corning, NY's Sparkle holiday events.

Attention Cast Members! 
Dancer's Lane contains all important information for you!  Check us out daily to make sure you haven't missed any up-to-date information!

Thank you to each and every one of you who
auditioned for the 2013 Nutcracker in Motion.  

New Heights Dance Theater is pleased
to announce those who were selected for
parts in our 2013 production of the 
Nutcracker in Motion.

Character Parts

Clara - Sam Verdonck  (u- Courtney Irwin)

Fritz - Sean Ervay (u - Ben Swinnerton)

Mrs. Siberhaus - Allison Roblyer

Mr. Silberhaus - Andy Roblyer

Parents - Linda Burkholder, Jennie Friedman, Scott and Lisa Gibson, Anne Milazzo, Katrinna Riegel, Brad Shatara, Kayleigh Steed, Mark and Margaret Swinnerton

Drosselmeyer - William Christoffels

Boy Children - Ben Swinnerton, Abby Gibson, Amanda Hatfield, Shannon Ervay, Alina Rhodes, Emma Updyke, Lead
Boys Annika Wickham and Kat Jackson

Girl Children - Cameron Hilliard, Allison Shearer, Jocelyn Trimber, Sarah Swinnerton, Allie Gibson, Ellie Clarkson (u-Maeve Wheeler)

Little Girl Children - Maeve Wheeler, Sophia Sargent

Friends - Juliana Steed, Olivia Scata, Renee Wolverton, Lauren Witmer (u- Georgia Mechalke)

Maids - Ashley Thomas, Beth Swanson, Jordan  Dgien, Kayleigh Steed

Music Box Doll - Georgia Mechalke (u - Ellie Clarkson)
- Harlequin - Courtney Irwin, Lydia Myers (u- Ashley   Thomas)
- Soldier DollOlivia Roblyer (u- Ashley Thomas)

Magic Wisps - Georgia Mechalke, Olivia Roblyer, Allison Dgien, Annika Wickham, Katarena Jackson, Delaney Hyatt, Bryce Ripley, Sarah Cain (u - Sarah Swinnerton)

Mouse Princess - Kaitleyn Lembo (u - Delaney Hyatt)

Mouse King - Sean Ervay (u - Allie Gibson)

Mice - Ben Swinnerton, Maeve Wheeler, Amanda Hatfield, Shannon Ervay, Allison Shearer, Cameron Hilliard, Jocelyn Trimber (u- Alina Rhodes)

Little Mice - Evan Clarkson, Sophia Sargent

Colonel - Jordan Dgien (u - Beth Swanson)

Soldiers - Molly Keefe, Kathleen Swinnerton, Renee Wolverton, Sara McManus, Lauren Witmer, Juliana Steed, Sarah Swinnerton, Allie Gibson (u - Cameron Hilliard)

- Lead Angels - Delaney Hyatt, Lydia Myers (u - Olivia Roblyer)
- Angels - Ellie Clarkson, Alina Rhodes, Allison Shearer, Shannon Ervay, Emma Updyke, Cameron Hilliard, Jocelyn Trimber, Abby Gibson (u - Sophia Sargent)

Snow Queen - Kaitlyn Lembo (u-Bryce Ripley)

Snow King - Brad Shatara

Snowflakes - Delaney Hyatt, Bryce Ripley, Jordan Dgien, Lydia Myers, Beth Swanson, Sarah Cain, Lauren Witmer, Olivia Roblyer, Olivia Scata, Ashley Thomas, Kayleigh Steed

Snowflake Corps - Allison Dgien, Georgia Mechalke, Juliana Steed, Courtney Irwin, Renee  Wolverton, Kathleen Swinnerton 
(u - Katarena Jackson)

Icicles - Molly Keefe, Sarah Swinnerton, Annika Wickham, Allie Gibson, Sara McManus, Katarena Jackson (u - Allison Shearer)

Bag Flurries - Amanda Hatfield, Ben Swinnerton, Abby Gibson, Emma Updyke

Little Angel - Aiden Ranck

Trumpeter Angels - Rileigh Baldwin, Molly Heichel, Brianna Kelleher, Katrinna LaTorre, Claire Metzger, Alyssa Morse, Olivia Stephani, Kjiersten Wood

Spanish Lead - Jordan Dgien, Ashley Thomas (u - Sarah Cain)

Spanish Soloists - Sarah Cain, Olivia Scata,  (u - Allison Dgien)

Spanish Corps - Ellie Clarkson, Allison Dgien, Sarah Swinnerton (u - Shannon Ervay)

Arabian Lead - Kaitlyn Lembo (u - Bryce Ripley)

Arabian Corps -  Olivia Roblyer, Lydia Myers, Courtney Irwin, Delaney Hyatt, Molly Keefe, Kathleen Swinnerton (u - Allison Dgien), Kayleigh Steed

Chinese Lead(s) -  Sean Ervay, Beth Swanson, Bryce Ripley
(u - Lydia Myers)

Chinese Corps - Renee Wolverton, Lauren Witmer, Sara McManus (u - Annika Wickham)

Mother Ginger - Susan Skidmore

Gingersnaps - Shannon Ervay, Cameron Hilliard, Alina Rhodes, Ellie Clarkson, Allison Shearer, Maeve Wheeler, Amanda  Hatfield, Sarah Swinnerton, Emma Updyke, Jocelyn Trimber
 (u - Abby Gibson)

Russian - Kaitlyn Lembo, Courtney Irwin, Bryce Ripley, Jordan Dgien, Beth Swanson, Kathleen Swinnerton, Ashley Thomas, Allison Dgien, Molly Keefe, Olivia Scata

Candy Canes -  Renee Wolverton, Lauren Witmer, Juliana Steed, Katarena Jackson, Georgia Mechalke, Annika Wickham, Allie Gibson, Sara McManus

Marzipan - Sarah Cain, Delaney Hyatt, Lydia Myers, Olivia Roblyer (u - Olivia Scata)

Sheep - Sophia Sargent, Abby Gibson, Ben Swinnerton, Sean Ervay (u- Amanda Hatfield)

Gardeness - Jordan Dgien (u - Beth Swanson)

Dew Drops - Delaney Hyatt, Beth Swanson (u - Lydia Myers, Sarah Cain)

Lead Flowers - Jordan Dgien, Kaitlyn Lembo, Sarah Cain, Olivia Roblyer, Lydia Myers, Kayleigh Steed, Ashley Thomas

Flowers Corps - Renee Wolverton, Allie Gibson, Lauren Witmer, Olivia Scata, Allison Dgien, Molly Keefe, Courtney Irwin, Kathleen Swinnerton, Georgia Mechalke, Katarena Jackson (u - Juliana Steed)
Flowers - Ellie Clarkson, Alina Rhodes, Shannon Ervay, Juliana Steed, Cameron Hilliard, Allison Shearer, Annicka Wickham, Jocelyn Trimber, Emma Updyke, Amanda Hatfield

Butterflies - Audrina Sargent, Ellie Simpson, Kenna Thomas, Sabrina O'Connor

SugarPlum - Bryce Ripley (u - Kaitlyn Lembo)

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